Who We Are

The Church of the Covenant is a diverse 400-member congregation in the vibrant cultural center of University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. We are seeking to know Jesus and make him known through meaningful worship, inspiring music, compassionate outreach, and in-depth theological study that leads us to engage our community and our world that God so loves.

Covenant is both a destination church and a neighborhood church, with students, residents, visitors, and members who walk to church as well as those who drive from the suburbs and beyond. We maintain an inspiring Gothic building in the heart of University Circle - a dynamic urban center of world-class education, health care, music, art and history.

While the scaffolding has come down after a major sanctuary renovation in 2012, we continue to evolve with our neighborhood. From this place, we are seeking to love and support our neighbors; encounter God through study, prayer, and worship; encourage questioning; and nurture all God's people. We invite you to experience God through the life of the Covenant community. 

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The Covenant University and Community Ministries (CUCM) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010 by the Church of the Covenant to provide a home for programs that reach out and engage both the university and Greater Cleveland community. 

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How to become involved

We believe that all church members are called to the ministry to tell the Good News and to serve. We seek to hear and follow God's Spirit in our individual lives, in the life of this church community, both locally and throughout the world. We do this through worship, education, fellowship, and out reach to the community.

  • We worship on Sunday mornings at 10am and with special services throughout the year. During these services we seek to praise God and hear God's message to us. Our sanctuary is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm for meditation and prayer.
  • To support people in growing in their faith, we have Christian education and spiritual formation opportunities for our children, youth, college student, and adults on Sunday mornings as well as other times throughout the week.
  • We partner with a broad range of local and global organizations to reach out to our neighbors in ministry, mission, and advocacy. This includes volunteer opportunities. Our building is also open as a meeting space for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and hospital, university and community groups. Our Cache Resale Shop is open Tuesdays and Thursdays; our library with wi-fi is a place of quiet study; and we are home for Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim student associations in our Interfaith Center.   

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What is a Presbyterian?

Presbyterians trace their history to the 16th century and the Protestant Reformation. Much of what we believe is based on the writings of John Calvin, a French lawyer. The Presbyterian church was founded on the ideals of the Protestant Reformation and based on the concept of representative rule under the authority of God. Presbyterians put their trust in Christ as their forgiving savior, promise to follow Christ and his example for living, and commit to participate in the church and become involved in its work. Presbyterians believe in the Holy Spirit (the empowering presence of God) and believe that the Spirit is continually moving in and among and through each person and in community.  We also believe that all church members are called to ministry to tell the Good News and to serve.

The word "Presbyterian" comes from the Greek word "presbuteros," meaning "elder." Presbyterian churches are not governed by a single leader or group of clergy. Rather, local churches elect a group of Elders who serve on Session, the body that governs church life. It means that we have a representative government, somewhat like that of the United States. The Church of the Covenant also elects Deacons to serve those in need and Trustees to care for the building and other assets. 

The Church of the Covenant is part of the Presbyterian Church USA, a connectional church. The Covenant belongs to our local "presbytery," Presbytery of the Western Reserve, which is made up of all the Presbyterian USA congregations in our immediate geographic area. Pastors and representative elders from each church convene for oversight of the presbytery. This is to say that the Presbyterian form of government is very representative, attempting to resemble the connected body of Christ. 

Presbyterian Church USA website:  pcusa.org

Presbytery of the Western Reserve website: preswesres.org

Book of Order (2015-17)

Book of Confessions

Book of Common Worship